Respected Voter, thank you for visiting my campaign website. I invite you to get to know me, Barbara Scharf-Zeldes, Candidate for Probate Court One of Bexar County, by taking a few minutes to browse through my website. For the last 20 years, I have been a probate and family lawyer, working primarily with police officers and firefighters. I have guided the widows and children of officers who died in the line of duty through administrations of their deceased spouse’s estate and guardianships for their children. I have been appointed by both probate courts to represent incapacitated children and adults, and determine heirs of estates. I have also served as a mediator, assisting parties in reaching agreements in their disputes. I understand the dynamics of families under stress and I have the patience, sensitivity and desire to address their conflicts and concerns.

After 23 years of dedicated service to Bexar County, our beloved Judge Polly Jackson Spencer of Probate Court One has decided to end her service at the completion of her judicial term. This leaves an open seat in Probate Court One for the 2014 election.

If there is any court that you should be concerned about, it is the People’s Life Court – Probate Court One of Bexar County. Probate Court will touch your life personally or within six degrees of separation. There is no escaping it. You will go to Probate Court to administer a friend’s estate, seek a guardianship for incapacitated parents or for an orphaned child. The government may seek to claim your neighbor’s private land (eminent domain), or your mental health needs sibling may receive assistance through this court. It is imperative that you have a judge that understands these issues, understands the people of Bexar County, and who knows the law.

I can serve you best as Judge of Probate Court One. This is my race…for me, it's been about following my dream, a dream that came alive almost 20 years ago. It is what I have prepared for, what I do and what I love: taking care of people. The staff and the attorneys who practice in this Court know me and trust me. They know I will bring the continuity of work ethic Judge Polly Jackson Spencer provided to the Court, respect for the litigants and attorneys and the knowledge and experience required for the bench. Please join me in my campaign and together we will continue the great service you deserve in Probate Court One.

Warmest Regards,

Barbara Scharf-Zeldes,
Candidate for Probate Court One Primary, March 4, 2014
General Election, November, 2014

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